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Wireless Speakers UK. Specialist advice and customer service from the wireless audio specialists.

Our Wireless speaker systems cover all applications, from simple close range Bluetooth Speakers to our long range wireless speakers which can be used anywhere around the home or garden - all without the usual troubles of routing wires!

All items are in stock and despatched quickly from our UK based warehouse.

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Wireless Speakers - A Wide Range Of Solutions

Why be limited to positioning your speakers according to how far your cables will reach?

By using Wireless Speakers you can position speakers exactly where you want them!

Two diferent technologies provide solutions depending on your application. For short wireless distances within the same room and where a small portable wireless speaker is needed then Bluetooth Speakers provide the optimum solution.

For most home and office wireless speaker solutions a longer wireless distance is often required, including between rooms and also outdoors. Our Long Range Wireless Speakers provide the optimum solution and can be used anywhere in the home, office or even garden.

Our Long Range Wirelesss Speakers have the added advantage of being more powerful and in providing true stereo sound

See some examples of Long Range Wireless Speakers and Bluetooth Speakers in use here.