Examples In Use
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Examples In Use

There are many applications for our wireless speakers so we can share a small selection with you.

Extension/ Pseudo Surround Speakers for TV

By connecting the transmitter supplied with our long range wireless speakers to a TV it is possible to provide wireless sound in a location away from the TV i.e. closer to or behind the viewer. A suitable output (RCA phono or headphone) is required on the TV whilst the latter connection will mute the TV's internal speaker(s).



Extension/Surround Speakers for TV Source such as Sky Decoder

By connecting our long range wireless speakers (namely transmitter supplied) to the RCA phono sockets present on most satellite decoders it is possible to provide wireless sound in a location remote from the TV i.e. closer to, behind the viewer or even in another room or the garden!



Remote speakers for Hifi/Radio

So you want to listen to your favourite radio station or music collection anywhere in your home or office? By connecting our transmitter supplied to the RCA phono output sockets (often marked 'auxiliary out') present on many systems, your music is relayed by our transmitter to the location of the wireless speakers, be them in another room on another floor or just about anywhere within the long range wireless coverage distance. You can also hook up the transmitter to your systems headphone socket although this will mute your existing (wired) speakers.



Remote speakers for Music from PC/Laptop/Smart Device having Steaming Radio, iTunes, Spotify etc.

Do you have a library of music on your iPod, mp3 player, smartphone, tablet, laptop or PC? Stream you music stored on your device and also from your Spotify or iTunes accounts by simply connecting our transmitter to the headphone output of your device. Then place the speakers exactly where you want them, not with the usual limitations of how far normal speaker cables will stretch!



Remote speakers for Office Presentations

Creating the right environment for an office presentation is often key. Modern day laptops and tablets just don't have the audio capabilities to deliver good sound around and office or meeting room. By using our wireless speakers the sound can be distributed around even the biggest presentation. Simply plug the transmitter into a Laptop/tablet or in some case the projector itself (if it handles audio too). A simple yet very effective solution!



In short if your audio equipment has an audio output in the form of a 3,5mm headphone socket (or similar) or has phono (RCA) outputs then the transmitters supplied with our wireless speakers can be connected.