How They Work
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How They Work

Don't worry we not going to get really 'techy'! We'll give you a simple explanation of how our wireless speakers work.

Long Range Wireless Speakers

Whilst bluetooth speakers can be a convenient solution for shorter wireless range and for smaller compact speakers they don't have connectivity for many audio sources, those sources such as TV and Hifi. More importantly their range limitation and lack of stereo seperation (two speakers) mean that they don't satisfy many applications.

This is where long range wireless speakers excel. The technology uses a lower wireless frequency to overcome objects and structures such as walls and floors in a similar way to the way that a signal to your radio does.



By simply plugging a transmitter supplied into the audio source (TV, Hifi, PC, Laptop, smartphone, tablet etc.) the associated speakers can then be placed wherever you may want them, including in other rooms, on other floors and even outdoors.

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Portable Bluetooth Speakers

Bluetooth technology has been around for nearly 15 years and during that time has improved significantly and is now much more relaible for both transmission of data and also music digitally. The benefit of bluetooth is that it exists in many devices with no add on adapters, including devices such as iPod, iPhone, Smart phones, laptops, tablets and more (most versions of these devices although we would suggest you check that your device has this feature).

To transmit sound from your bluetooth enabled device is now generally quite simple, with a quick process known as 'pairing' which effectively locks one device to another (albeit wirelessly). In the case of our portable bluetooth speakers it usually takes only a few seconds to pair these with your bluetooth enabled device and once paired this process can be forgotten. Simply then sit back and enjoy wireless audio!



The limitation of bluetooth is that it uses a higher frequency (similar although less powerful than most wifi networks) and so the wireless coverage distance is shorter, typically around 5 to 10 metres. 

Bluetooth speakers are generally smaller and lower powered speakers designed for ocassional listening or music on the move. Indeed most of our bluetooth speakers are perfect for packing when going away on your travels!

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